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What’s the ‘Cost of Invisalign Honolulu HI’?

Pres mult | February 20, 2020
Cost of Invisalign Honolulu HI

Are you looking for the “cost of Invisalign Honolulu HI? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that the popular Invisalign technology is available for an affordable price at Koko Head Smiles Orthodontics.

Over  8 million people have benefitted from the Invisalign clear aligner system. Our own Dr. Daron Stevens has helped over a thousand happy patients with the Invisalign system. We’ve seen the amazing results as our patients achieve a perfect smile and better health.

For many, the convenient, discreet clear BPA-free medical-grade polyurethane aligners are an attractive alternative to braces. Importantly, the aligners come out quickly so you can eat and brush as you normally would. 

So, What is the Cost of Invisalign Honolulu HI?

First, keep in mind that cost varies depending on each patient’s condition and needs. On average, the Consumer Guide for Dentistry reports a national average for Invisalign at $3 – $5K in total. The cost may vary depending on your needs and treatment plan. 

If you choose to begin with Invisalign, you can expect to wear clear aligners for under one year. In some cases, the time could be longer or much shorter. During treatment, you may wear a series of 20 to 30 aligners as your teeth gradually move to the ideal position. 

This price for Invisalign is comparable to traditional braces, which tend to average $2 – $6K. In some cases, your orthodontist may find that braces are a better solution. Even so, the modern clear braces are discreet, while colorful metal braces are fashionable, advanced, and more comfortable than ever.

Dr. Stevens will help you determine the best treatment plan and discuss all options after your initial consultation.

Affordable Winning Smiles

We want to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams without breaking the bank. In general, dental insurance plans cover Invisalign the same as braces. In some cases, plans could pay for the majority of treatment.

However, for patients without dental insurance, Koko Head Smiles wants to keep you smiling with affordable options such as down payments as low as $250, as well as monthly payments as low as $99. Not to mention, we offer in-house flexible financing with an unbeatable interest rate.

Results Worth Smiling About

For those who have completed treatment, up to 91 percent report, they believe choosing Invisalign was “worth it.” Amazingly, patients can achieve drastic improvements to their smiles with shorter treatment times.

However, a beautiful smile isn’t the only reason to pursue orthodontic treatment. Firstly, you can avoid serious health problems like gum disease or tooth decay. Secondly, patients see a boost to their self-esteem and confidence that is priceless.

Even better, Dr. Stevens wants to make the process as convenient as possible with online remote monitoring. That way, you can cut down on visits to the office with fewer interruptions to your daily life.

Contact us today at (808) 202-2007. You can also text, email, or just drop in and say hi!

We look forward to meeting you!

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