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Orthodontist Near Me in Honolulu

Presmult Dev | December 14, 2019
Braces Honolulu HI

Introducing Koko Head Smiles!

Koko Head Smiles is the premier orthodontic practice in Honolulu, HI. If you are searching for the best orthodontist near me in Honolulu, you need not look any further than Dr. Stevens. As a master of the craft, Dr. Stevens assures that you will receive nothing short of the best treatment possible when you visit Koko Head Smiles. Through thoughtful innovation, and by taking a caring approach to all patients, Dr. Stevens has become the island’s favorite orthodontist.

The Best Part of Your Day

Dr. Stevens has taken it upon himself to differentiate his practice. When you are searching for an orthodontist near me in Honolulu, HI the other guys are just plain bland. Unlike other orthodontists, Dr. Stevens is passionate about helping people. When it comes to his caring for his patients, Dr. Stevens takes no shortcuts. Thanks to his dedication, Koko Head Smiles can now help patients in the comfort of their own home via at home Invisalign treatment! Patients in Oahu and around the world are able to get the treatment they need right from the comfort of their couch. This adds the ultimate flexibility to your schedule and allows you to only come into the office when completely necessary. When our patients smile, we smile too.

Why Should You Care?

You should care because we care. Koko Head Smiles has not only helped over 5000 patients. Koko Head Smiles has also donated over $70,000 to local causes that matter. We offer orthodontic services for as low as $99 a month with 0% financing and down payments costing no more than $250. We are basically giving away beautiful smiles! Get yours today via a free initial consultation where you can learn valuable information about your orthodontic condition and learn which form of treatment will best suit you. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on great care. We have a solution for patients of any condition within any budget.

Get Started!

The only person who’s missing out on great care is you! Our lovely staff is here to address any questions you may have about orthodontic treatment. Koko Head Smiles is home to the best orthodontist near me in Honolulu, HI. Get on your way to a beautiful smile. Call us today!

Find Us on Google Maps

Three convenient orthodontic offices in Hawaii!

Kahala Office

4618 Kilauea Ave #4
Honolulu, HI, 96816

Honolulu Office

1210 Ward Ave. #200
Honolulu, HI, 96814

Mililani Office

95-720 Lanikuhana Ave. #230.
Mililani, HI 96789